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The iSurfJanus, a Japanese brand of multi-WAN service gateway was originally designed by Amplify.net Inc, a US-based technology startup who primarily specializing on Multi-homing technologies for Telecom broadband networks in 2002. With highly successful penetration in Asia Pacific specially in Japan carriers market with managed service models, this product right and its technology had been acquired by our Japanese strategic partner, Takachiho Koheki Corporation in 2004. This product has successfully penetrated into all the major telecommunication service providers in Japan such as NTT, Japan Telecom, KDDI and etc. With strong technology partnership alliance with Takachiho Koheki, Cell Technology had obtained this product ownership and technology rights in 2009. This transaction enables Cell Technology to expand her businesses with a complete range of network & security product solutions, and to further design, develop and market innovative security & resiliency applications for the Japanese carriers' market and as well as to worldwide.

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