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Cell iCMS, an intelligent Cell Management System is the complete, comprehensive and centralized software management platform to monitor, control and manage for all Cell products including Cell IPS and Cell Janus in a highly performance and scalability purpose.

Cell iCMS is designed with a 3-tier system architecture and with Cell's proprietary of multiple plug-in design (Cell iPlug-in) modules for integrating the 3rd party of network devices by SNMP/or syslog to support the powerful capability of operating, administrating, provisioning, and maintaining all system logs/or events via a feature-rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) operated by a Java-based server and client based software platform under Linux Operation System (OS).

With a large deployment of Cell products installed in a multi-national network infrastructure or service provider managed service, Cell iCMS can be deployed as a centralized management platform to manage, centralize, monitor and configure all the Janus devices across networks or regions remotely.

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