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The explosive deployment of broadband IP network services like xDSL, MPLS or Metro-Ethernet and their rapid adoption by businesses present a significant opportunity for Service Providers. Yet the fierce competition to capture broadband customers has made it difficult for Service Providers to maintain high-margin services and strong competitive differentiation. At the same time, businesses are demanding a higher degree of network reliability as they become increasingly reliant on their Internet connectivity. Addressing both these issues, Cell Janus products allows any IP broadband service providers to deploy advanced, high-margin business services with high quality of IP services to customers simply and inexpensively.

Cell Janus is a next-generation of multi-WAN IP service gateway with Cell's proprietary Custom Real-time Intelligent Operation System (CRiOS) and unique Intelligent Packet Processing Engine (IPPE) developed and embedded into an appliance system. It provides sophificiated capabilities of link dynamic load balancing with inbound and outbound, stateful firewall, intelligent NAT (iNAT) and intelligent routing capability, QoS (Quality of Service), link monitoring and automatic failover that keep business connected even during link failure and support triple-play services at a quality level for enterprises and service providers. Cell Janus supports continued access to hosted servers by using an integrated DNS Server to direct inbound traffic through the backup link. It supports augmented bandwidth services by including dynamic session-based WAN load balancing for both inbound and outbound IP traffic. It supports multiples of WAN links that have different bandwidth capabilities and asymmetrical upstream and downstream bandwidth.

With a large deployment of Cell Janus installed in a multi-national network infrastructure or service provider managed service, Cell iCMS-Janus can be deployed as a centralized management platform to manage, centralize, monitor and configure all the Janus devices across networks or regions remotely.

This multi-WAN service gateway was originally designed by Amplify.net Inc, a US-based technology startup who primarily specializing on Multi-homing technologies for Telecom broadband networks in 2002. With highly successful penetration in Asia Pacific specially in Japan carriers market with managed service models, this product right and its technology had been acquired by our Japanese strategic partner, Takachiho Koheki Corporation in 2004. This product with a Japanese brand called iSurfJanus (for Japanese market only) has marketed successfully to all the major telecommunication service providers and operators in Japan such as NTT, Japan Telecom, KDDI and etc. With strong technology partnership alliance with Takachiho, Cell Technology has obtained this product and technology right in 2009 and continuous for the product design, development and market to worldwide.

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